Pantaleon believes in the potential of entrepreneurs as drivers of development!

Therefore, together with Enactus, we seek to promote the generation of ideas that solve problems through agricultural innovation, turning them into business opportunities. The BootCamp is the leading acceleration program for early-stage entrepreneurs whose purpose is to develop skills and transfer knowledge so that entrepreneurships are developed to strengthen their business model. In our sixth edition, which ended on Saturday, November 27, 20 ventures participated, which throughout an intensive 2-month program received training, mentoring and advice from experts and business leaders.

Some of the modules taught were:

Module 1: Challenges faced by entrepreneurs

Module 2: First pitch presentation

Module 3: Innovation and technology in my business

Module 4: Business Models of Agricultural Innovation

Module 5: Finance tools to operate in times of crisis

Module 6: Value chain

Module 7: Sales strategies and characteristics of my target market

Module 8: Digital marketing, brand and image of my business


Congratulations to our 3 winners!

First Place: Café Don Vicente – who will be creditors of US $ 5,000 in seed capital, advice and support in marketing, project execution and financial matters.

Located in Finca Santa Cecilia, in the community of “El Carmen” in Ayarza, Santa Rosa. The project seeks to mitigate migrations in a small community of coffee growers due to the low profit margin obtained by the coffee grower at the time of marketing their products, these are mostly acquired by benefits or coyotes who, by not taking into account the quality or other specifications of the grain, they punish the profit of the producer. As a result, women coffee growers have been left in charge of their lands in a state of vulnerability. This project seeks to empower coffee growers by providing them with technical and digital support that, combined with their experience in the field, allows them to reach high-level clients.

Second and third place winners will receive advice on marketing and communication, financial, tax and accounting issues and project execution for the next 6 months, as well as two slots for the Enactus Academy Talent Management certification.

Second Place: Agroindustrias El Prado

Entrepreneurship that arose in La Blanca, San Marcos, one of the main banana producing areas and due to the saturation of the market due to banana production, they are dedicated to the production and sale of 100% gluten-free banana flour, excellent for people who suffer from celiac disease or gluten protein intolerance, it can have different uses taking advantage of its nutritional value. The company seeks to buy the raw material from producers in the area by paying an affordable price for it.


Third Place: Parcela digital 

Proposes the advance and integration towards agriculture 4.0 in the country, through a low-cost product with the ability to take environmental and soil samples, performing a subsequent analysis in order to provide advice to farmers and that they count with a digital tool to make better decisions regarding the use of their resources. Integrating in a central way a series of sensors with which measurements of more crucial variables in the production of crops can be carried out.